Green Alliance's partners consists of exceptional professors and professional experts in Mechanics, Engineering and Economy. Our experts use their experience and knowledge in working out the best solutions through integrated design guarantees, maximum efficiency and lower energy costs.

The advantage of Green Alliance is that enjoying high quality services from specialized associates in:

• Greenhouse technologies

Hydroponics, Controlled Environment, Integrated Pest Control, GATES System Greenhouse Advanced Technology Expert System, CO2 Feeding, Irrigation Solutions, Heating / Boiler Manufacturing

• Energy & Renewable energy

CHP Combine Heat & Power Station, Geothermal Energy, Biomass or Waste to Oil, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Power, Fuel Cells, Electricity

• Environmental Solutions

Advanced GAS Cleaning, Waste Management, CCC Cold Catalytic Conversion, Water Management).

• Research and Development

• Projects Financing


Green Alliance Ltd. , BG

Horticultural and Energy projects

Green Alliance Ltd., BG is a Bulgaria based Horticulture and Enrergy Project Developer operating internationally. From our global experience we have a dynamical, integrated approach on new Glasshouse and Poly Greenhouse projects. 

Green Alliance Ltd. Develops  and Supplies:
• Greenhouses
• Heating / Boiler Manufacturing
• Screening
• Irrigation
• Electrical Installations
• Climate Computer systems
• Energy Systems

Global Assets Online

Project Financing
Global Assets Online is a project database portal. We provide a worldwide platform for projects to seek finance. Projects are souced through a high level network of originating and funding teams.

Our subscribed investment community includes banks, wealth management companies, IFAs, hedge funds, securities firms, pension funds, venture capitalists, debt providers, brokers and traders.

Global Assets Online is founded by a unique team who make it possible to present our subscribed investors with a consistent flow of credible and compelling opportunities from around the globe.


Solar PV projects
Sunmate GmbH document and implement photovoltaic power for individuals, businesses and investors in Germany and throughout Europe. Our strategic advantage is the comprehensive knowledge of the facility, technology, and financial management of projects. We understand our role as partners in environmental and emission-free energy production. 

H Sunmate guarantee the high level of expertise and innovative product solutions combined with ecological responsibility. Installs high quality photovoltaic systems for energy production at low cost. In this effort we choose only certified products. The high expertise and standardized method of calculation and design are the bases for the ideal design and proper installation of your PV system.

DKG Group

Agriculture & Horticulture Consulting Experts
DKG Group is a consulting, inspection, urban farming, foliage based architecture, intelligent crop supplies and training facilitator body, offering specialized sustainable solutions to individuals, professional groups and corporations within the fresh produce and agro supplies trade industry creating value through people, and for people, all driven by a brand-centric philosophy. 

DKG Group is a diversified international group of companies and initiatives with operations in various sectors. The activities of the Group conducted principally in Balkan and Southeast Mediterranean Countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia,FYROM, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Cyprus, Egypt and Turkey).


Environmental Research
The Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research (RIU) has been established with the aim to further and carry out scientific projects dealing with all aspects of the human environment. RIU is closely cooperating with the Unversity of Cologne. The institute is structured in devisions focussing on different aspects of environmental research. 

A large part of the present activities is concerned with atmospheric modelling. Other projects are dealing with the development of optical mass storage systems and the assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impact of emitting industrial complexes.

ELITHERM S.A. was established in 1987, continuing the activities of its main shareholders since 1978 in the field of heating, hydraulic and air-conditioning products, as well as synthetic (PVC) profile systems.

Presently ELITHERM S.A. is manufacturing PVC profile systems and plastic pipes (Pex-b, PP-R, PB) and distributing exclusively in Greece top European manufactures like Thyssen Polymer, GU, Hautau, Alphacan.

Simultaneously ELITHERM S.A. is one of the top Greek companies in the field of heating, air-conditioning and hydraulic products, exclusively distributing in Greece or in the Balkans and Cypru sworld recognized manufacturers like Kermi (Panel Radiators), Wolf (Oil or gas boilers), Biral (Pumps), DEG-Dunaferr (Panel radiators), Baltur (Oil or gas burners), Thyssen (Oil or gas burners), Honeywell (Valves, Connection Fittings & Filters), Flash (Thermostats), Flamco (Air Separators & Safety Valves), Stibetherm (Solar Systems, Boilers, Burners, Air Conditioners), Stiebel Eltron (Heating & Air Conditioners) and many more. ELITHERM S.A. is fully owned STIBETHERM S.A., ex STE HELLAS S.A. that was established as a daughter company of STIEBEL ELTRON Germany in 1974. STIBETHERM S.A. is a manufacturing solar products industry and deals with heating and air-conditioning products as well.


Solar Energy Products
STIBETHERM S.A. is currently the largest integrated solar manufacturing industry heating systems and products in Greece. Founded in 1974 under the name STIEBEL ELTRON HELLAS with the participation of STIEBEL ELTRON GmbH Germany.

Since August 2000, the company operates under the new management ELITHERM S.A., a leading company in the field of products for heating, air conditioning, pipe and profile systems. STIBETHERM S.A. is organized according to the European standards. The company represents a dynamic presence, featuring a selected network of distributors and service, covering the whole Greece. The same time it has developed significant trade relations with many countries in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

As part of its development program STIBETHERM S.A. makes continuous investments to modernize its production process and implement new quality technologies. The modern factory has a department of research and studies, which through testing and experiments studies continuously the improvement of the existing systems and creating new ones.

In a thirty years course STIBETHERM S.A. maintain its leading position in the industry, offering to the market a complete range of competitive products for hot water and warm home in all forms of energy.