SERVICES > Greenhouse Development

We have a dynamical, integrated approach on Greenhouse projects.

The greenhouses are built of top-quality galvanized steel and have an aluminium superstructure. The covering can be made of glass or polyethylene. Our greenhouses can be perfectly adjusted to the
local climatological conditions.

All of our projects takes all the work of developing a successful project out of your hands. From the initial r & d to the manufacturing and logistics of all parts until the installation
and complete project management locally. Every link is under our supervision and only one company is accountable for the whole process. This will not only makes it easier for you, but also guarantees low costs and the best results of an integrated horticultural project.

Getting the maximum return on your investment is always a matter of control. One need to be in control of the environmental conditions to get constant high quality and the highest possible yield of production.

Manufactures and supplies:
• Greenhouses
• Heating / Boiler Manufacturing
• Screening
• Irrigation
• Electrical Installations
• Climate Computer systems
• Energy Systems

All our projects are developed with the sole purpose of maximum yield of the highest quality.