SERVICES > Geothermal Energy (Ground source water)

The advantage of utilizing the proposed system in a greenhouse operation is the increased ability to control the environment in the greenhouse in terms of cooling and heating.

The system is capable of drawing and restoring heat from and to various sources in order to maintain high energy transfer performance and high availability.

The system operates in 2 base modes Heating and Cooling. While operating in heating mode the system can draw heat from:
• Geothermal water
• Ground source water - boiler assisted
• Air
• Rejected Flue Gases from boiler.

While operating in cooling mode the system rejects heat to:
• Ground source cold water aquifer
• Air.

After Sales Service
Our Technical Support Center are available to answer your queries regarding commissioning and technical support. Proper commissioning represents the essential foundation for an efficient system and satisfied customer. On request, we offer to each customer a pre-startup check to verify, directly during system installation, that all the elements are best prepared for the start-up.