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Being respectful to the environment and relevant legislation is a major issue to the company, there are followed friendly environmental practices on crop and energy production, aiming to save resources and minimize emission of exhaust fumes.

• Exhaust fumes process and greenhouse enrichment with CO2
The exhaust fumes process units transforms CO to CO2, through the procedure of catalysis that is channeled into the greenhouse. As CO2 is the major carbon source for the plants to compose the carbohydrates required, enrichment of CO2 into the greenhouse is proved to be an excellent method for exhaust fumes elimination.

• Irrigation water recycling
Most of the greenhouse units that are following the hydroponic method of production are discarding drain water to the environment. We provide equipment with a closed irrigation system that collects drain water to be disinfected and reused. By using this system drain water discard is avoided and volume of water used is decreased.

• Rain water collection
The pluvial water coming from the greenhouse roof is collected through gutters into rain water collection basins where. This water is analyzed and used, if suitable, as a back up for the crop irrigation.

• Engine-oil recycling
All mineral oils used by engines are collected in special bins that are taken over by special mineral oil recycling company.

• Recycling
Plastic, paper refuse and other greenhouse waste coming from packaging or other supplies are collected in special bins and taken over by a recycling company.