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We use advanced cultivation techniques which are utilized in each project to ensure increasing product quality, high yield, and low cost, enabling high margins and sustainability.

By the term hydroponics we mean that plant’s cultivation is done in any medium other than soil or soil mixes.

There are two basic categories of hydroponic cultivations. These are made up in water (NFT) and those made on inert substrates (rockwool, perlite, etc.), which does not provide any nutrients to plants and for this reason all the nutrients needed by the cultivation granted in the form of nutrient solution.
The hydroponic systems are divided into closed, where the nutrient solution is recycled, and in open, where the amount of nutrient solution that excess the irrigation (about 10-15%) is lost to the ground.

Nowadays, hydroponics attracts more growers than ever, with benefits to the consumer, the farmer and the environment.

In the last few years major changes have been achieved in the greenhouses industry. Hydroponic methods in horticulture and floriculture have now reached a stage of maturity and have proven over time that advocated 20 years ago:

• They produce delicious, aromatic vegetables and impressive floriculture products
• They have improved the yields / square meter
• They have reduced the use of water and nutrients
• They have facilitated the production of the different cultivation procedures
• The employees enjoy a cleaner working environment
• The consumers have recognized the value of hydroponic products paying premium prices.