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We promote controlled environment agriculture practices for the creation of local high tech greenhouse farming industry.

For a successful horticultural project with the maximum production of the highest quality you need the best systems made today. Green Alliance has an excellent experience in system design and manufacturing. All of our greenhouse heating systems are fully integrated in the overall design. This guarantees maximum efficiency and lower (energy) costs.

The heating system must run economically and provide a uniform temperature to ensure optimum growth. Our fully integrated heating systems take care of an even distribution of temperature across the entire surface of the greenhouse. It needs to be adjusted to the local conditions. In some places it maybe necessary to choose for tubular heating while in other places hot air heating will be sufficient. We have all the experience in making the right choices.

In a greenhouse the climatical conditions are regulated and fine-tuned by computers. In addition Green Alliance also designs and integrates the equipment that is necessary for efficient operation. This involves a wide range of electronic systems, ranging from electronic equipment that simplifies the harvesting and transportation of the products, to systems that record the growth process.

The water is valuable. Our irrigation systems are especially designed to make sure that all water is optimally distributed and can be re-used. State-of-the-art equipment carefully checks
and controls the entire process and assures that every plant gets the exact amount of water and fertilizers it needs.