GATES system (Greenhouse Advanced Technology Expert System) was created to perfect vegetable and fruit greenhouse production in high-sun and low-humidity areas. It is based on new concepts in greenhouse design technology, climate control, and crop management. Utilizing new combinations of hardware, software, sensors, and control systems, GATES technology has defined industry standards in advanced food safety principles, production levels, and environmental stewardship values for greenhouse production.

• GATES 365 day production of high quality fruit providing 100%
fulfillment of customer requirements.
• GATES contained environment excludes all outside pests while
inside pests are controlled with IPM (Integrated Pest Management), making GATES production 100% insecticide free.
• GATES production levels are 60% higher than average
greenhouse production.
• GATES yield 20-30 times more product per acre than
conventional field production
• GATES technology achieves lowest price per kg in the industry
• GATES uses 100% of water with no waste and recycles 100% of
irrigation drainage to conserve water and fertilizer.
• GATES is designed to use waste heat to warm the greenhouses.
• GATES is designed to recover CO2 from boiler and power plant exhaust to utilize plant for increasing crop growth.
• GATES uses 3 types of evaporation to cool and humidify the
• GATES water efficient growing system for tomatoes requires 1/7th of water usage, compared to field grown tomatoes, further translating into an 86% savings in water usage.
• GATES has the most sophisticated plant monitoring available, including cameras, plant temperatures, water uptake, and growth rates. These measurements are all minute by minute in real time.
• GATES uses the plant measurements and software models to fine tune the greenhouse conditions
• GATES technology can be transferred to high density population
centers, therefore, reducing ‘food miles’ and thus the overall carbon footprint.
• GATES can harvest solar power from excess sun radiation and convert to electricity.