Greenhouse Development

We have a dynamic, integrated approach on Greenhouse projects.

The greenhouses are built of top-quality galvanized steel and have an aluminium superstructure. The covering can be made of glass or polyethylene. Our greenhouses can be perfectly adjusted to the
local climatological conditions.

All of our projects takes all the work of developing a successful project out of your hands. From the initial r & d to the manufacturing and logistics of all parts until the installation and complete project management locally. Every link is under our supervision and only one company is accountable for the whole process. This will not only makes it easier for you, but also guarantees low costs and the best results of an integrated horticultural project.

Getting the maximum return on your investment is always a matter of control. One need to be in control of the environmental conditions to get constant high quality and the highest possible yield of production.

Manufactures and supplies:
• Greenhouses
• Heating / Boiler Manufacturing
• Screening
• Irrigation
• Electrical Installations
• Climate Computer systems
• Energy Systems

All our projects are developed with the sole purpose of maximum yield of the highest quality.

Horticulture Management

All the activities of Green Alliance are focused on environmentally friendly hi-tech horticulture. A project in which quality, efficiency and high production (yield) are the key results. The company’s philosophy is reflected in all our related companies: controlling all facets of a project in to every detail, keeping all critical items in-house and design an optimal project which will result in cost efficient projects with the highest possible quality production.

We provide:
• Hydroponics cultivation methods following the principles of Integrated Crop Management
• Controlled Environment
• Integrated Pest Control
• Artificial Intelligence Control
• CO2 Feeding
• Assimilation Lighting
• Irrigation Solutions (water management).

Biomass & Waste to Fuel conversion

Green Alliance depends on specific patents of synthetic oil production in different ways by different companies. 

Green Alliance is one of the few pioneers that use waste heat as the source of energy for the heating installations of greenhouses. The result: a huge reduction in energy costs and less harm to the environment.

Our mission is to convert any raw material with a cellulosic base, biomass or waste of any kind, liquid or solid, into:
• Energy (fuels, electricity, thermal power)
• Useful products (natural fertilizers, methanol for fuel cells, recycled water)

Cold catalytic conversion is a process for the reduction of complex organic materials into light synthetic diesel. It mimics the natural geological processes thought to be involved in the production of fossil fuels. Under pressure and heat, long chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon decompose into short-chain petroleum hydrocarbons with a maximum length of around 18 carbons.

The efficiency is regarding to the low reaction temperature (250 285°C), and high conversion rates (about 80 % of the Hydrocarbons content of the input materials) 

BM&L process advantages
• Provides an inexpensive, reliable way to supplement the world’s declining energy supply
• It can be used on a large scale in industrial projects with production of several million tons/year output
• Low maintenance services and extended operational longevity
• Uses a combination of catalysts and temperature differences for each type of input. During BM&L process the C+H chemical combinations are being reconstructed into the type of required output, such as synthetic oil or bio-fuel as gasoline, diesel, or lubricants.

The process unit is very low maintenance, reliable and safe. Energy demand, heat and power, for processing is supplied by a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, consuming only about 10% of the diesel produced.

Waste to Energy plants are completely self-sufficient and do not send any type of emissions into the environment thus many existing industrial processing facilities can be converted to Energy plants.

Geothermal Energy

The advantage of utilizing the proposed system in a greenhouse operation is the increased ability to control the environment in the greenhouse in terms of cooling and heating.

The system is capable of drawing and restoring heat from and to various sources in order to maintain high energy transfer performance and high availability.

The system operates in 2 base modes Heating and Cooling. While operating in heating mode the system can draw heat from:
• Geothermal water
• Ground source water – boiler assisted
• Air
• Rejected Flue Gases from boiler.

While operating in cooling mode the system rejects heat to:
• Ground source cold water aquifer
• Air.

After Sales Service
We are available to answer your queries regarding commissioning and technical support. Proper commissioning represents the essential foundation for an efficient system and satisfied customer. On request, we offer to each customer a pre-startup check to verify, directly during system installation, that all the elements are best prepared for the start-up.

Energy & Renewable energy

More and more the price of energy determines your costs. Therefore sophisticated systems of energy management are used to align the consumption of gas, electricity and CO2 mutually and seamlessly. They will give a better insight into the energy consumption and the ways of controlling it. Green Alliance works hard on energy-saving innovations. Areas of innovation are for example CHP units (Combine Heat & Power Station), Geothermal Energy (Ground source water) installations, – Synthetic Power Generation Fuel from biomass, Solar PV and Solar Thermal installations, Wind Power units that can provide energy economical solutions and at the lowest of costs.

Engineering, Project Management & Consulting

We provide: 
• Engineering 
• Project control
• Project Management Coordination
• Procurement Management
• Quality Management
• Risk Management
• Claim Management
• Site Management
• Lean Construction Management
• Project Moderation

We act as Consulting Engineers for International Energy Projects
• We engage specialists from a wide range of partnering engineering companies to deliver full services and custom-made solutions at every stage of the project.
• As owner’s representative and consulting engineer, Green Alliance executes in collaboration with its customers and their suppliers all the phases of the project, from feasibility study over engineering throughout realization on engineering, procurement, and construction management basis.

Project Financing Consulting

We provide Project financing consulting to all project stakeholders including banks, wealth management companies, IFAs, hedge funds, securities firms, pension funds, venture capitalists, debt providers, brokers and traders.

We provide thorough due diligence, engineering and  feasibility analysis and evaluation services.

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